by LOJ Minister, Ras Iadonis Tafari

(based on the H.I.M. HOLY BIBLE)


Overview of the "Seeds" of the Government of H.I.M., i.e.
"the Kingdom of the King of Kings (GOD)"

1. TITHE - 10% of ALL Income
2. Offerings
3. Alms
5. Gifts to H.I.M.'s Work

Order of "Duties" in H.I.M.'s House:
1. Duties to H.I.M. (GOD)
3. Duties to *FAMILY of H.I.M.

(*In order according to Holy Scriptures: Father & Mother [ELders], Husband & Wife, Child & Children and "others" refer to those "outside" the Family of FAITH, i.e. "non-Rastafari")

H.I.M. THE FIRST HAILE SELLASSIE is the ABBA "Father" who has shown INI (US) the "Only Begotten Son", KRSTOS Yesus of the Nazarenes. Refer to John Chapter 16 - The Mystery of "GOD in KRSTOS" & "CHRIST in HIS KINGLY Character" revealed!

These are a few vital keys which many in the Rastafari and Black Christian community have neglected.  These "key" are found in the Greatest Financial Text ever written or printed, the H.I.M. HOLY BIBLE which explains, corrects and deepens the commonly held and used "King James Versions" (KJV).   Either way, these JUBILEE PRINCIPALS of the KINGDOM of H.I.M. (GOD) are "universal" and "non-partial".  In other words, if the so-called "Jews" and Western Christians can and do USE and UTILIZE them with success, why are we as the people of "Christ, in His Kingly character" so lacking in blessings and prosperity?

His Imperial Majesty, the King of Kings of Ethiopia has advised us that "material and spiritual" matters must be brought to balance and not to conflict.  We claim that we are rich in the "Revelation of Christ" in His Kingly character yet do not have the group "collectivity" to be effective in the ministry of the Good News of H.I.M. in Krstos (Christ).  Why is that?  Simply put because too many of those who "claim" to be refuse to be OBEDIENT and FAITHFUL to the WORD of H.I.M. or His Christ.  Now this is shameful and explains clearly why we do not have "Rasta" schools, housing, daycare, medical, businesses and other examples of our "spiritual" blessing in the "material".  We cannot neglect or hide from the reality of our present condition as the "Body of H.I.M." in Christos.  Many have fallen away from the faith and continue to do so at alarming rates every day.  The news and reports that floods into LOJ on a daily basis is proof present and proof positive that this is a "fact" and no amount of rhetoric or "nay" sayers can change it.  What shall we do? How shall we RECLAIM H.I.M.'S HOLY COVENANT as a people?

The answer to the above is simple and has been hinted at and directly stated by the Lion of Juda Society, the Rastafari Order of the Church of Krstos (AOM) and by I, Ras Iadonis Tafari, LOJ's restorer, renewer, co-heir, ambassador and minister.  Now we will further simplify and prove by biblical example and scriptural proof the Way to a Solid Financial Life in H.I.M. and How to Master INI (Our) Money according to the 49 Principals of the "Kingdom of GOD (YAH)" as found in the Holy Scriptures.

FIRSTLY, we are called to be GIVERS!  This will cause us to loose many people yet it is based upon Faith and Admittance.... The faithless have no faith so they admit not in the things of H.I.M. and His Word, the H.I.M. HOLY BIBLE.  Yet, when we spend quality time studying our Holy Scriptures, both in the KJV and in the Royal Amharic of the H.I.M. HOLY BIBLE (the Book of the Seven Seals) we find 49 Principals concerning MASTERING YOUR MONEY & POSSESSIONS!!!

So we are INITIALLY CALLED to ACCEPT KRISTOS IN H.I.M.  And by this we are called to "BECOME GIVERS"!  Why?  Why must we become "givers"?  Simply my friend because GIVING kills and destroys GREED.  Get it?!~  Giving is the opposite and antithesis to GREED.  Greed is what prevents most people from being GIVERS.  Even and especially most "Rastas" have learned the deadly and nasty habit of being "stingy" and moneyhoarders!!  This is shameful!  How are we as a CHURCH TRIUMPHANT supposed to be able to FEED THE HUNGRY, CLOTHE THE NAKED, NOURISH THE SICK, PROTECT THE AGED or CARE FOR THE INFANTS????

Isnt this Our Honorable and Noble RASTAFARI CREED:


Isnt that what we say, sing and chant always?!!  Do we just say it to be "Rasta Religious" sounding or doesnt it mean anything???  Some may say, "Well Ras Iadonis...  I give my tithes (10% of earnings) to the poor.... I do this or that.... Isnt that the way I give to the poor and needy?!"  You may say that you do your "charity" on your own, your "own" way, and that you dont give to the "Church of Rastafari" because you cannot trust that the money will be used correctly!  To this I say, "REPENT, O EVIL MIND and CORRUPT HEART!"  When people say that they "give" to the poor on their own they are SCRIPTURALLY IN ERROR!!!  Why?  Because where the WORK OF H.I.M. is going on.... Like with the LOJ SOCIETY and the R.O.C.K. (Rastafari Order of the Church of Krstos) one is to give their TITHES (10% of their income) to the CHURCH TRIUMPHANT so that when the CHURCH GIVES TO THE POOR & NEEDY, HIS MAJESTY IN CHRIST IN GLORIFIED and not themselves.  Some people claim that they give to the "poor & needy" know that they are Liars and Thieves!  These are they who are like Judas who was a thief!  They claim to give to the poor yet they ROB H.I.M.!  They give not their TITHES & OFFERINGS to the CHURCH TRIUMPHANT (LOJ) due to their own "demonic minds" that doubt and accuse the innocent.  Many have gone about to slander and defame the LOJ and the Ministry of Ras Iadonis Tafari.... why and for what reason?

Some of the GOOD FRUITS of the LOJ MINISTRY:
Our works and labours of H.I.M.'s Love in Krstos is OBVIOUS and EVIDENT.  Many have been touched by the LOJ Ministry and have learned much regarding H.I.M. that all the congregations of Rastafari that have come before have neglected to teach.  We have come bringing H.I.M. HOLY BIBLE, the very BOOK OF THE SEVEN SEALS!  Yet, some doubt and don't want to admit.  We have RESTORED H.I.M. PURE LANGUAGE (Zephaniah 3:9-10) and H.I.M. HOLY NAME to HONOUR and RESPECT instead of the BLASPHEMY OF "SELLASSIE I" which is not HIS HOLY NAME!  We have taught and are teaching the Faithful Rastafari people the TRUE GOOD NEWS of H.I.M. based upon H.I.M. WORD, H.I.M. HOLY BIBLE (Revelations 5:5) and HIS HOLY and PURE LANGUAGE (Zephaniah 3:9-10)!  Many still dont know the TRUE MEANING of RAS TAFARI!  That is a shame!  How can you name yourself something in another language and not be interested and moved to give up all and LEARN THE TRUTH?!

Much of what we have preached and taught has upset many and caused many not to walk with LOJ and to turn "haters of the LOJ".  This doesn't upset us.  We know that the Bible advises us to endure hardships and trials as a good soldier and minister of the HOLY WORD of H.I.M.  Nevertheless, many who have gotten their "spiritual" bread from LOJ have refused to give their "material" mammon (dishonest gain) to the service of the Ministry.  In the ABBA's sight this is robbery.... YE HAVE ROBBED H.I.M.!!!

We must LEARN the JUBILEE PRINCIPALS of H.I.M., the 49 FINANCIAL PRINCIPALS from the WORD OF H.I.M. and found in the Holy Scriptures.  Did you know the JANHOI (His Majesty) has a "system" and that "system" which we know as an "Order" is greater than Wall Street and all of Babylon's "economic markets"??  Yes, its called the SYSTEM of the KINGDOM of the KING of KINGS!  We as Rastafari are the FIRSTBORN of the Resurrection and are called to be His Elect.  We must LEARN and PRACTICE this system of H.I.M.'s Prosperity and Blessing.  We must BREAK THE YOKE of DEBTS!  There is only one way!  BECOME A GIVER!  Once we become a GIVER we allow the "blessings" to FLOW.... In His Majesty's System there is a CONSTANT FLOW!!!  Therefore all NEEDS are met and overcome!  Yet, when we as Rastafari neglect and reject this we are in VIOLATION of H.I.M. Laws of FINANCIAL PROSPERITY.


This is how we POSITION OURSELVES for SUCCESS!  We start by GIVING.  What leads to "economic crashes" and "financial crisis"? HOARDING and GREED!  Plain and simple HOARDING and GREED.  What are you hoarding?  What are you witholding from the KINGDOM WORKS?  You see in H.I.M.'s system there is a "constant free-flow" THEREFORE, no hoarding!  No room for greed or the greedy!  Those who want to "have more" than others are not allowed into the "kingdom".  They cannot enter because they cannot get through the gates with so much "material" burdens and stolen wealth.  Yes, STOLEN WEALTH.  The car you drive is stolen, the clothing you wear is stolen and the the jewlery is also STOLEN!  Not in "my" eyes yet in H.I.M.'s sight it is all DIS-HONEST GAIN. Why?  Because you have neglected to give your TITHES (10%).  Because you don't trust H.I.M. and those whom He has sent.  You have tried everyone else including LOTTERY and it has all FAILED!  Yet, you fail to try H.I.M. according to H.I.M. WORD!  This is robbery and a CRIME AGAINST H.I.M.

LOJ Society and I, Ras Iadonis Tafari do not expect a round of applause or many to be "happy" about what we are saying or doing.  No, we are under no such "illusion".  We read and study the scriptures so we know who's who and whom we are dealing with.  Some will hear this message and these JUBILEE MESSAGES and pricked in their hearts and will begin to REPENT and RETURN to the HOLY COVENANT.  While on the other hand there are those who will fight against the King and INI (us) all the more fiercely and with more fiery tongues and intent.  We know who H.I.M. is and what He will do for His Anointed.  You who are still "good" in your hearts and tremble at His Word and His Glory must not be ashamed to separate from those "evil-minded" lookalikes that pose as "Rastas" and are nothing but "wolves in sheep clothing".

Envying, pride and jealousy keeps people IGNORANT, PROUD and DOUBTFUL.  How do we overcome?  Simply, by STUDYING, LEARNING, APPLYING, DOING and ACTING on the WORD of H.I.M. in Krstos above personal opinions and "self-arbitration".  This is the BEGINNING of THE NEW DAY!!!  A Day of SELF-SUFFICIENCY and PROPERITY to the OBEDIENT and FAITHFUL RASTAFARI!  Our Tithing (giving a 10th of all our earnings, i.e. "firstfruits") will enable the Ministry of the LOJ to become the "Kingdom of the Lord" as H.I.M. has willed.  Make your wills obedient to GOOD INFLUENCES based upon the WORD and FAITH of HIS MAJESTY, the King of kings.

By our GIVING according to the 49 JUBILEE PRINCIPALS of the H.I.M. HOLY BIBLE we break the yoke of debts and meet all of Our needs and overcome them!  We will be able to provide to the poor and needy as the CHURCH TRIUMPHANT of H.I.M. (R.O.C.K.) and bring GLORY TO HIS MAJESTY.  We do not need to look for shameful handouts from babylonians if we are obedient to the will of His Majesty in Krstos, the WAY TO PROSPERITY has been laid out in clear and direct detail for us.

WE WILL BE ABLE TO MEET THE "NEEDS OF ETHIOPIA" and possess the Land given to Us by His Majesty according to His Holy Orders and not "personal opinions" or "group delusions".

What will our SOLID FINANCIAL LIFE provide (long and short term):
1. Temporary Food
2. Temporary Shelter
3. Job Training
4. Language Training
5. Cultural Training
6. Day Care
7. Education & Agri-Culture

Here are a few verses and references for your study and meditation:
Romans 11:33-36; Psalms of David 24:1; 50:10, 12 - Haggai 2:8; 1st Corinthians 10:26; Hebrews 12:26-28; Acts of the Apostles Chapter 10

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