by LOJ Minister, Ras Iadonis Tafari

(based on the H.I.M. HOLY BIBLE)

Here are a few verses and references for your study and meditation:
Romans 11:33-36; Psalms of David 24:1; 50:10, 12 - Haggai 2:8; 1st Corinthians 10:26; Hebrews 12:26-28; Acts of the Apostles Chapter 10

This is the Part 3 of the SOLID FINANCIAL LIFE Series regarding "MASTERING INI (OUR) MONEY" according to the 49 Jubilee Principals of the H.I.M. Holy Bible.  There is a great URGENCY to discuss, review and correct the mistakes of the past.  There is no "personal opinion" here.  We have attempted to condense and to highlight some basic ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES of HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY and HIS HOLY SCRIPTURES (the Book of the Seven Seals).  The present "economic" and "social" chaos amongst Ethiopian, Rastafari and ALL Black Peoples is the most pressing need for these keys to be recognized and used.  We cannot depend on Babylon's and the world's fickle economy for security of any kind.  The Holy Bible show abundant examples of the People of the TRUE and LIVING GOD being blest with abundance when they were obedient to the "WILL OF GOD".

Many people are too SELF-WILLED HYPOCRITES to really be able to accept what is presented here with a "clear conscience".  They prefer to hoard "dishonest gain" and then talk "Rastafari" with their less fortunate brothers and sisters.  The Economic System of H.I.M. is perfect and flawless.  It has never failed and cannot.  Yet, we ask: Why hasn't it been tried and used?  Why are we more willing to support false and deceptive "get-rich-quick" schemes than the PLAN and WILL of H.I.M., Our God and King of Kings?

We will now continue with our series on building a SOLID FINANCIAL LIFE based upon the "RULE OF HEAVEN" which is the "system of His Majesty".  Firstly, the Holy Scriptures teach us that it is the KING OF KINGS (GOD-FATHER) who gives us the "power to get wealth" (Deuteronomy 8:18).  It reminds us that we are to REMEMBER THE SUSAINER ("THE LORD") who is Our Blessed and Holy NGUSHE NEGESHT (KING OF KINGS) who gives us "Power" to gain wealth, prosperity and fortune.  Therefore, why arent more of us prosperous and wealthy?  Why are not ALL of us prosperous and wealthy?  Is it because we do not "REMEMBER" who gives us that "power"?  Most of us feel and think wrongly that its "babylon system" or "America" that gives us this "power" or "freedom"!!?  Yet, this is the wrong way of thinking that has so many of us, the Chosen Children of the Light, poor and needy... even in the "land of plenty"??!!  It should be clear and evident to all that many of our "elders" and so-called "leading bredren" have lead the movemant astray.  They have led us into "poverty mentality" and even to think that being "poor" in that sense is "blessed".  They obviously don't know their Holy Bibles well and havent studied to show themselves or their "man-made" and "tradition" filled mis-interpretations and opinions "approved".

Many so-called self-appointed "elders" have led the Rastafari Movemant into the present stand-still and lack of progressive activity. Many have become discouraged about the "Promised Land" and other false witnesses have slandered the development of Shashamane, the Land given to us by the King of Kings.  What example are we showing our Christian brothers and sisters?  Can we really say that we are going to Africa to teach anyone anything??? How arrogant and self-deluded!  Many havent even learned "basic Amharic" yet nor any other African language to be effective in communication.  So, who's fooling who?  They may be fooling you yet they do not fool us.  We have told you about these and those already and will again and again.... until they change, repent and turn around or are destroyed in His Holy Name!

This may sound harsh.  Yet to see suffering Africans daily and not to be able to do a single thing as a so-called "movemant" that talks and sings of Africa is utterly shameful and disrespectful to His Imperial Majesty and His Christos.  We take H.I.M.'s money and we buy all the Babylonian vanities and nonsense and then we turn around empty-handed to the "Kingdom"?  You know whom we speak to?  We speak to all of us who have taken our H.I.M. GIVEN wealth and through hardheartedness and rebelliousness have spent this on fancy cars, SUVs, stylish clothes and jewelry are THIEVES!  Where was our TITHES?  Did we really give a 10% of our wealth to H.I.M. or to H.I.M.'s True and Faithful Ministry, the LOJ Society and Rastafari Order of the Church of KRST (Christos)?  Or, have we truly ROBBED H.I.M. of Our Commandment GIVING to H.I.M.'s CHURCH TRIUMPHANT??!  This is decision time.... Someone needs to make a choice as to what they are really doing and whom they really serve.

DOES LOJ SOCIETY & CHURCH (R.O.C.K.) really expect Rastafari and Good Christians to pay their TITHES?  Actually NO!  Yet, H.I.M. in KRSTOS does!  We don't expect many to take this too seriously. After all we have mentioned and taught the TRUE NAME of H.I.M. and still many blaspheme and say "Selassie I" in violation of the command not to "take H.I.M. NAME in VAIN" (Exodus 20).  We have informed and taught you all the TRUE MEANING of the NEW NAME "RAS TAFARI" yet many still make believe it means "HEAD CREATOR"??  We have taught and continue to teach the GOOD NEWS of H.I.M. in KRSTOS (CHRIST) yet many "anti-christ" amongst the sheep and lambs still persist in denying "His Christ" and follow after man-made leaders and mis-leaders.  Most so-called "elders" are "baby saints" and its so sad when you see an elder who knows not the Truth of His Majesty and doesnt encourage AMHARIC EDUCATION and H.I.M. HOLY BIBLE STUDY.

Nevertheless and all the more.... H.I.M. REQUIRES and COMMANDS the TITHE.  Some say that they give this to the ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX CHURCHES that they love to frequent.  Well, if this be so - then good!  Yet, isnt it better to support those who support you?  Especially in matters of the faith, the so-called ETOC is very antagonistic to the "QEDAMAWI HAYLE SELLASSIE", Our ABBA and ABUNE.... They teach Rastas the Lies and Slanders of His Majesty and haven't even build one "temple" or "church" in the Americas for their African-American and West Indian congregations whom they disrespect.  The ETOC, the Real "Church" is WE, THE BLACK PEOPLE of the RAS TAFARI!  We are the ones who hold to the TRUE ANCIENT FAITH: TEWAHDO!  Many of the Priests sent to the Black Diaspora have shown contempt for the "Rastafari" and have taught many to deny H.I.M. as though He was the "devil"!?? We reject them as pagan compromisers with the Pope and the Vatican and ask for the TRUE ETHIOPIAN PRIESTS TO GET UP and STAND UP and RESTORE the TRUE CHURCH TRIUMPHANT of ETHIOPIA!  Still, if ones choose to give to another "church" which doesnt minister to their true "spiritual" and "cultural" needs.... they are free to!  However, do not eat here and pay there.  Don't just pay for a good show... pay to know!

The FIRST LESSON began and always begins with "BE A GIVER!"  Kill greed and hoarding BY GIVING.  The System of H.I.M. is a "constant FREE-FLOW".  Greed and hoarding causes "economic chaos" in any system.  And thats what has happened to the RASTAFARI now-a-days.  Because of the abundance of "Half-Truths" few get to KNOW THE TRUTH.  Yet, "Knowledge of the Truth" begins with obedience to H.I.M. WORD.  The only way one can obey, one need to LEARN and STUDY.  Once one knows and learn then they must ACT and DO.... This means to PRACTICE what we preach and teach!

WHAT ARE YOU GIVING TO H.I.M.?  Have you planted a seed?  Don't you KNOW and RECOGNIZE that whatever you PLANT as a SEED you will REAP?!  Therefore, IF you plant abundance you will reap abundance.  IF you are greedy and hoard you will be miserable.  Is that the reason why so many of you "feel" miserable and lack TRUE RASTAFARI LOVE and JOY?  You compete with your brother and sister instead of WORKING in the MINISTRY of H.I.M. together!  Woe to those who refuse to repent and return to the Holy Covenant of H.I.M. renewed by the LOJ this day!

SEEDTIME and HARVEST are inseparable!  They go together mystically and realistically.  We as RASTAFARI must become SEED CONSCIOUS not "need" conscious.  The SEED and planting it provides for the "need" and the PROSPERITY.  The ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL LAWS which LOJ Society and Church Triumphant is bringing into effect were used by FATHER ABRAHAM, ISSAC and JACOB.  These 49 Jubilee Principles of Prosperity were mastered and perfected by Great King David and His Illustrious Son Solomon.  It is more than OBVIOUS and EVIDENT that they work and are the missing keys to Our Success and Global Prosperity as a people.

How do we OVERCOME our pressing and daily "needs"?  Simply by PUTTING MORE SEED in the good ground (the Kingdome of the King of Kings, i.e. "LOJ Society") and REAPING through Faith in H.I.M. in Krstos.  We are not begging any longer or asking for a "handout".  IT IS COMMANDED BY H.I.M. TO GIVE A 10%!  These are ETERNAL PROSPERITY LAWS which the babylonians and the devils in our midst don't want us to know and ACT ON.  Yet, we must!  Our very survival and future LIFE depends on what we SOW today!  Don't sow wild oats and then run to H.I.M. and ask H.I.M. for "crop failure"!  You cannot pray for "crop failure" once you have planted all those wild oats.  This message will reach many too late.  They will have to "eat" what they have "sown".  Like King David, whom H.I.M. loves - even to this day - He had to "eat" the "wild oats" that He planted till Krstos removed the debt.  NOW, we have a fresh start to begin anew...

WHATEVER YOU SEEK, YOU MUST PLANT A "SEED" FOR IT!  These are spiritual and SUPERNATURAL laws which the ungodly and ignorant mock and scorn.  Don't you realize that the enemies of Rastafari want us to beg and borrow?? They want us in debt and unable to FULFILL THE MINISTRY of RAS TAFARI.  Yet, we are here to confound our enemies and the enemies of H.I.M., even those 'weeds' that hide amongst the Rastafari good "wheat".  There is a HARVEST TIME coming!  What will you reap?  What have you sown?  We complain about TRUE BROTHERHOOD and SISTERHOOD.... yet what do you sow?  Do you backbite and gossip or do you confront your brothers and sisters in love and show them their errors biblically?  Or, do you feel that you are not your "brother's keeper" like Cain?

If we as Rastafari want to have TRUE BROTHERHOOD and SISTERHOOD we must SOW that!  We must BE A BROTHER and BE A SISTER in TRUTH in order to have TRUE BROTHERHOOD and SISTERHOOD.  We cannot expect "UNITY" if we sow discord and build on falseness and "half-truths" of His Majesty and His Christ. QUIT SITTING IN THE CORNER, TAKE ACTION!  Cultivate what you seek and need.  Become a GIVER to those who spiritually FEED you.

Sounds simple enough, eh?  Well, some still have a hardtime with this one.  The fact that GIVER'S GAIN and one must EXPECT TO GAIN!  There are too many double-minded Rases and Sistren out there.  Maybe someone claiming to be "in the faith" hurt them or caused them to "stray".  Nevertheless, He who called you to H.I.M. in Krstos is FAITHFUL and TRUE (Revelations 3:14).  These "days of tribulation" is testing and proving the "faith" or "lack thereof" of many, many.... It is shameful and unspeakable how many "claim to be" and then "deny it" when its time to ACT ON IT!  They are good uptil the time its their turn to actually do something.  They feel that if they "give" they will never "see it" again.  How demonic!  How cerebrally deficient such thoughts.  That kind of thinking leads to poverty and misery.  POVERTY IS A SIN!  Can we make that any clearer???

LUKE CHAPTER 6 VERSE 38 shows us the 4-WAY GAIN CLAUSE of H.I.M.  This is what truly INCREASES YOUR INCOME!  When you start to receive these BLESSINGS by FAITH (Admittance) you will KNOW the JOY of a "JOYFUL GIVER"!  People need to experience the BLESSINGS yet in order to do that ONE MUST BECOME A GIVER!!!

2 CORINTHIANS CHAPTER 9 VERSE 8 also shows GAIN by submitting to the SYSTEM of H.I.M. based upon the WORD and FAITH of H.I.M. in KRSTOS (CHRIST).  H.I.M. is Able and Willing to "make it up to you"!  He is more than Able!  It shows a great lack of faith when we as the Church Triumphant of Ras Tafari refuse and rebel against our GOD-GIVEN system of prosperity in favour of Babylon's anxiety and vanity mode of "suffering".  We suffer because we don't take H.I.M. at His Word.  Many doubt and need to STUDY and SHOW THEMSELVES APPROVED.  Then they would KNOW and DO as they "claim" they know.

H.I.M. will GIVE and RETURN:
1. What the Enemy stole from you!
2. What you lost in Bankruptcy!
3. What you lost in Business Failure!
4. What you lost when Unemployed, or
5. What you lost when when Partner stole from you!


Many have placed devilish bets, doubts and "curses" on the failure of the Ministry of H.I.M. and the LOJ Society.  Some of these were amongst us yet they were not "of us".  If they were they would have remained and been fruitful.  Now their eyes will see the blessing yet they will not reap or eat of it.  Why?  Because they have refused the Man of H.I.M. and His True Church which has come as the smallest of all congregations in Rastafari, like a virtual "mustard seed".  

LOJ Society and Church Triumphant (R.O.C.K.) is telling you authoritatively that your ONLY HOPE of "catching up" is to PLANT YOUR SEED in the "Kingdome of the King of Kings (GOD)", the "Kingdome of ADONAY".... Watch your INVESTMENT RETURN to you 30, 60 and 100 fold.

DO YOU KNOW THAT A 100 FOLD IS "10,000%"?!  It is... do the math!

H.I.M. IN KRSTOS (CHRIST) is the Only ONE that can do that!  He who is H.I.M. through the Power of His KRSTOS (CHRIST) is the ONLY ONE that can multiply your "SEED"!  30 FOLD, 60 FOLD and 100 FOLD which is 10,000%!  Sounds too good to be true?  Yet, thats what H.I.M. will do and is doing!  All it takes is FAITH and ACTING ON THAT FAITH to make it happen....  Wall Street cannot compete or compare to the KINGDOME ECONOMICS!!!

However, YOU MUST PLANT A SEED before you can truly EXPECT AN INCREASE!  This is "common sense"!  You must SOW before you can REAP!  A simple "9 to 5" is not SOWING!  It is slavery!  And spending and giving your hard, slave earned dollars back to babylon is INSANITY.  Don't you think so? Maybe thats why "Babylon" hasnt completely fallen... You keep upholding it by denying the CHURCH TRIUMPHANT its rightful support, your tithes, your offerings, your alms, your ministry & missionary support and other gifts to H.I.M.'s work.


ECCLESIASTES CHAPTER 3 VERSE 2 tells us that there is a "season" to SOW and a "season" to REAP (HARVEST). This is DIVINE ORDER!  It changes NOT.  It cannot!  If you GIVE NOTHING, you will RECEIVE NOTHING!  REMEMBER H.I.M.!  He can INCREASE what you GIVE up to a 100 FOLD - thats 10,000%

NOTHING TIMES NOTHING = NOTHING! Now to you overstand why some are "poor" and others are "rich".  Its all in the COMMUNITY and the COMMUNIAL SPIRIT.  If we really are ONE will will UNITE OUR GIVING and will INCREASE our BLESSING.

JOHN CHAPTER 12 VERSE 24 informs us that UNLESS you PLANT YOUR SEED, it does absolutely no good because it cannot multiply! When what you have in your hand is not enough to MEET YOUR NEED, its your SEED.  One can do three (3) things with SEED:


You have NO CHANCE to INCREASE... till it is PLANTED!!!

You CANNOT HAVE FINANCIAL "FREEDOM" without increase....  In an economy like today the ONLY CHANCE YOU HAVE TO INCREASE is by PLANTING your SEED in the GOOD SOIL (LOJ) of the "Kingdome of H.I.M."

Don't say that you have NOTHING to GIVE?!!!  2 CORINTHIANS CHAPTER 9 VERSES 9-11. BRING WHAT YOU HAVE!  BRING IT TO H.I.M. IN KRSTOS!!!  Please stop telling H.I.M. you have "nothing to give".  When you START GIVING what you have, H.I.M. will give you MORE and MORE...  You don't have to "overstand" H.I.M.'s Economic System in order for it to work!  How does a black cow eat green grass and gives white milk and yellow butter?  Do you overstand how?  Can you explain it?  Yet this happens each and everyday! Overstand?!

ISAIAH CHAPTER 55 VERSES 8-9 shows just how "cerebrally challenged" we are compared to H.I.M.  When you put a SEED in the Kingdome of H.I.M., H.I.M. multiplies it better than "Wall Street" and better than any "bank" or "savings account".  Remember the "Crash of 1929"?  One year before the "Acceptable Year of Our Lord", the Coronation of the King of Kings of Ethiopia in Addis Abeba (New Flower) this happened and it will happen again...  Man-made systems like "Wall Street" have crashed many, many times and will do so again.  What causes Economic Systems to crash?  Hoarding and Greed!

Economic Systems "crash" start by 1. People STOP INVESTING MONEY ($$$) which leads to 2. LACK of Confidence in "Markets" and then 3. the ECONOMY FREEZES and when it "freezes" (turn 'cold') the system LOCKS.... And that is what leads to the eventual "CRASH" of such "man-made" systems.

JANHOY'S SYSTEM NEVER CRASHES and NEVER FAILS!  In H.I.M.'s ECONOMY and ECONOMIC SYSTEM there is a "constant FREE-FLOW".... Therefore, NO HOARDING!  NO GREED! This is what LEADS to and PRODUCES the eventual INCREASE and MULTIPLICATION.... even a 100 fold return!!!  Amazing yet very true!

HAVE A "SAVINGS ACCOUNT"? How's it doing??
HIS MAJESTY gave to you SO you should GIVE TO OTHERS!  You must GIVE TO HIS MINISTRY NOW or be held accountable later.  No threat, just the reality!  How many of you have HIS MAJESTY'S "SEED MONEY ($$$)" in your own personal "savings account"?  Maybe its 5% INTEREST you are getting presently and the INFLATION RATE is 4%.  So you are making a big 1% PROFIT on your investment in the "devil's" system.  By the time you drive to the bank to collect, you already have LOST money!


The TITHE is the first 10% of your INCOME to the CHURCH TRIUMPHANT of the LOJ SOCIETY.  The TITHE is not a debt you owe! ITS THE "SEED" YOU SOW!  TITHING is 10% of INCOME that LOJ doesn't expect all to be "willing to be obedient to good influences" to give.  Yet, HIS MAJESTY expects that His Faithful Children of LIGHT called by HIS NEW NAME will give!  He expects it because it is Commanded (Leviticus 27:30; Malachi 3:10-11; Hebrews 7)

LOJ SOCIETY does the PROMOTION and H.I.M. is in the MANAGEMENT.  He controls your INCOME, your HEALTH, your BREATH, your NEXT HEART BEAT and your IN-LAWS....  If you want to test H.I.M. by refusing and witholding the TITHE... Go ahead and rebel.  Be disobedient and learn the hard way.  There must be examples....  Yet ask yourself and your conscience this:  Are you giving H.I.M. what is RIGHT or what is left?  Are you giving H.I.M. the "firstfruits" or the "leftovers"?  Are you treating H.I.M. and His LOJ as "GOD and King of kings" or as a "dog"..... Where your heart is, there is your TREASURES!  Don't be UN-SCRIPTURAL!  

WHERE DOES ONE PAY "TITHES" IN RASTAFARI?  There are many that claim to be "priests" and all that.  Yet very few of them PREACH and TEACH from H.I.M.'S HOLY BIBLE nor reads HIS HOLY and PURE LANGUAGE.  According to the Holy Scriptures in the BOOK of the NEW PRIESTHOOD, the BOOK of HEBREWS Chapter 7, the LOJ SOCIETY and the RASTAFARI ORDER of the CHURCH of KRSTOS represents the "ROCK" upon which the TRUE CHURCH TRIUMPHANT of RAS TAFARI must and will be built.  Therefore, it is to the "Tribe of YHUDA" represented by the LOJ SOCIETY that is divinely appointed to receive the TITHES according to the HOLY SCRIPTURES.

Many want to do their "tithes" to the poor and needy on their "own" so that the poor and needy will look to them as their "Saviours" and "glorify them" and not HIS TRUE CHURCH.  This is dangerous and very unscriptural.  Ones must be careful about prostituting the "Glory of God" in their personal unanointed and non-existant "ministries".  One pays their "tithes" where they are SPIRITUALLY FED. How many have eaten and continue to "eat" of the LOJ's supper of the Truth of H.I.M. in Christos? When you eat at the Ital store you don't pay McDonalds!  Do you?  (Malachi 3:9)

IF you choose to NOT TITHE the LOJ Society and CHURCH TRIUMPHANT, then remember to GO ELSEWHERE when you need any of the following:
Ethiopic & Rastafari Help with the Faith, New Amharic Pure Language, H.I.M. HOLY BIBLE, Variety of Rastafari Counselling, Authentic & Globally Recognized Documentation of the True Faith, Sabbath keepers letters, Rastafari Prisoner's Advocacy, Immunization Exemptions for your Rastafari Youth, Community Service Sponsorship, Hair-Cut Exemptions, Marijuana Defense for Rastas, New Amharic Biblical Name Changes, Religious Info and Documentation for work and school, many and various other aids and assistance we provide willingly and daily
If you choose to deny H.I.M.'s Laws then we say GO ELSEWHERE!  Don't "eat" here and pay elsewhere!

The Holy Bible mentions and warns us that we are under a FINANCIAL CURSE because we don't TITHE (give 10%) according to MALACHI 3:9!  YOU ROBBERS OF H.I.M.!!!  Did you know that HIS MAJESTY has your "mugshots" on bulletin boards in Ethiopia and across His Kingdome with your face and name saying....  PUBLIC ENEMY NO.1!?  Do you like being a CRIMINAL to the MINISTRY of H.I.M.?  You take HIS MONEY and buy all that stuff and then turn around and say "You cannot give?"  How shameful!  Driving stolen cars, wearing stolen clothes and jewelry!  H.I.M. will not prosper you that way.  You will always be poor and miserable with that attitude.  REPENT and ACCEPT the GOODNEWS of H.I.M. in KRSTOS (CHRIST).  H.I.M. is the "Power to get Wealth" (Deuteronomy 8:18).  Do you remember H.I.M.?  Stop fantasizing
and OBEY H.I.M. WORD!  Work with us not against us.

H.I.M. GIVES the POWER to GET WEALTH or H.I.M. can turn it off.  When you TITHE: H.I.M. GIVES to you.  When you don't TITHE: H.I.M. TAKES away from you... So PROSPERITY is a CHOICE!  Make yours wisely! (Malachi 3:10)

Its DECISION TIME.... H.I.M. says for us to "try H.I.M."!  After all, we have tried everyone else like Mr. Lotto, the Lottery, Scratch n Win, Pick 6, and all that.... NOW, turn and REPENT to H.I.M.!  His System has always worked and always will.  Remember:  TITHE = BLESSING!  Malachi 3:11

In order to reap, YOU MUST PLANT A SEED...

Overview of the "Seeds" of the Government of H.I.M., i.e.
"the Kingdom of the King of Kings (GOD)"

1. TITHE - 10% of ALL Income
2. Offerings
3. Alms
5. Gifts to H.I.M.'s Work

Order of "Duties" in H.I.M.'s House:
1. Duties to H.I.M. (GOD)
3. Duties to *FAMILY of H.I.M.

(*In order according to Holy Scriptures: Father & Mother [ELders], Husband & Wife, Child & Children and "others" refer to those "outside" the Family of FAITH, i.e. "non-Rastafari")

H.I.M. THE FIRST HAILE SELLASSIE is the ABBA "Father" who has shown INI (US) the "Only Begotten Son", KRSTOS Yesus of the Nazarenes. Refer to John Chapter 16 - The Mystery of "GOD in KRSTOS" & "CHRIST in HIS KINGLY Character" revealed!

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