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Everyone is calling, e-mailing, text messaging, i-poding, youtube-ing about us and basically asking the same questions, like... What is the VLOJ all about?  Simply put, it's the half of the GREATEST BLACK story that has never been told... 'TILL NOW!  We are about Ethiopian-Hebrew Rastafari Truths, Roots & Culture..... The LOJ Society's Internet-Based Radio, the "Voice of the Lion of Judah" (VLOJ) Programme Uses Interactive MP3 Compatible Softwares such as Windows Media (Real Audio Player) etc. If Your Computer Has Such Software, Simply Click (mouse) On Link And/Or Download As Podcast To Share With Family, Friends Or Total Strangers... If practice makes perfect... You've got to learn it FIRST! Food for Upright Thought.

Our LOJ Radio Internet-Based Broadcasts And Podcasts Are Made Available And Free To The Public By Your Financial Contributions And Donations.  To Keep Us "On The Air" & In Your Area, Donate Now!



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