LOJ Basic TEACHING Modules
(for the lost black sheep)
prepared & composed by Ras Iadonis Tafari

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Required course materials: Scofield Study Bible, H.I.M. Holy Bible, How To Make A Slave (W. Lynch), From Babylon To Timbuktu (Rudolphf Winsor), Valley Of The Dry Bones (Rudolphf Winsor), The Black Jews Of Harlem (Howard M. Brotz), The Real Facts About Ethiopia by JA Rodgers, Concise Amharic Dictionary (W. Leslau), The Roots Of Rastafari (V. Lee Jacobs), etc. [additional materials will be added as course continues]

Knowledge - Cycle One: 360 degrees (Earth)
IDENTITY - Prophecy, God & History Overview (Creation - 70AD - Slavery)
ADOPTION - Divine Son-Ship; Be Born Again; 'Become As A Child'
NEW NAME - Bear Witness, Receive The Word (Seed)

Wisdom - Cycle Two: 720 degrees (Heaven/ Highland)
101 Orientation: 'Look To The EAST'
(ET-Hebrew Civilization primer)
Imperial FLAG - Banner Of Salvation; The 'Lion' Ensign & Symbolic Meanings Of The Colors, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red... (http://lojsociety.org/the_first_four_chakras_order_imperial_flag101.pdf)
Promised LAND - "...Behold A Land That Is Far Off"; Promised Land (From the River to the Eurphates; the New Jerusalem & African Zion)
New LANGUAGE - "...A Pure Language" (Zeph 3:9); the Land-Gauge; The Word & Message (Interpretation)

Overstanding - Cycle Three: 1080 degrees (Zion; S'yon)
HEARING - Discipleship
GROWING - Goodnews
PROCLAIMING - Ministry/Service

His New Name, His True Christ, His Pure Word, His Eternal Life!!

New!!! The ELohim Lesson 1.0

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