prepared & composed by Ras Iadonis Tafari

Required course materials: Scofield Study Bible, H.I.M. Holy Bible, How To Make A Slave (W. Lynch), From Babylon To Timbuktu (Rudolphf Winsor), Valley Of The Dry Bones (Rudolphf Winsor), The Black Jews Of Harlem (Howard M. Brotz), The Real Facts About Ethiopia by JA Rodgers, Concise Amharic Dictionary (W. Leslau), The Roots Of Rastafari (V. Lee Jacobs), etc. [additional materials will be added as course continues]

How to make a SLAVE  by W. Lynch; including additional Historical Documents & Manuscripts relating to "Slavery Days" and the "Slave Trade"...

New Comers Study (prerequisites)
Lost Sheep IDENTITY? Who are you? (In God's Eyes)
GENESIS 2:13; 15:13; ACTS 7:6; ISAIAH Chapter 1:3; GEN. 11:17; EX. 12:40, 41; GAL. 3:17. Was IsraEL in a "strange land" or a "land of (Spiritual, Psychic and Physical BONDAGE) when in EGYPT? Is "EGYPT" really "God's People"?  Isa. 19:25
Why did so many Patriarchs of the ISRAEL seek refuge and asylum in "EGYPT"? Refer to "Out of Egypt" lessons.  What does "going down to Egypt" during "times of FAMINE" represent according to the Holy Bible? A Famine is often a DISCIPLINARY testing of God's people in the land.  Gen. 26:1; 42:5; Ruth 1:1; 2 Sam. 24:13;  Psa. 105:16.  In EGYPT we lost our blessings, but not our COVENANT.  Review the EIGHT COVENANTS biblically.